What’s Your Vision?

We know you have high standards.  So do we! That is why we have partnered with three of the finest vendors in the area to create exceptional events.

We can’t wait for you to meet Jo Anne Klenovic, owner of Envy Event Designs and the Event Coordinator for The Orchard at Chenango Commons.  Jo Anne will host your private tour of our venue and describe how we can make your dream come true.  Jo Anne will also walk you through the booking process and answer any questions you may have.

After a phone consultation, come hungry to your meeting with Jesse Dutcher to try some meal options.  Jesse is a master at satisfying all—from the most discerning foodie to the down-home country palette.

Finally, join Megan Ward at McGirk’s Irish Pub who will outline your bar options from top shelf spirits to craft beer.  Why not design signature drinks to match your taste and personalities?


McGirk’s Irish Pub

Contact: Megan Ward | 607-648-9988 | email | mcgirks.com

Established in 2003, McGirk’s Irish Pub has become a NY destination for its authentic Irish Pub atmosphere, top notch menu, one of the largest brown liquor stops in New York State, a live music haven and a great place for special occasions.

McGirk’s Irish Pub provides exclusive on-site bar and beverage services for weddings in the Orchard.

Your bar in the Orchard can include an array of cocktails, craft beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages.

Megan Ward, Co-Owner and Event Planner at McGirk’s, is here to make your event as easy as possible for you to simply enjoy.  Don’t forget to meet with Megan to set up your signature drink!

The McGirk’s Blarney Room, which can accommodate up to 80 guests, is the perfect venue to host engagement parties, bridal showers and a hearty brunch for guests traveling after your wedding.

Visit McGirks.com

Envy Event Design

Contact: Jo Anne Klenovic | 607-725-4851 | email

The Orchard at Chenango Commons is quickly becoming the premiere outdoor venue in the Southern Tier. Loaded with amenities, picturesque views and award winning catering and beverage services, the venue also offers Event Planning. Services include day of the event itinerary and floor plans, table setting and venue décorating, and the assistance of an on site coordinator. Envy Event Design is proud to be the event planning vendor of choice at The Orchard at Chenango Commons!

Envy Event Design offers a number of design and planning options in addition to those included in The Orchard Packages. Long before Pinterest, I was carrying notebooks full of design ideas and pictures to share with clients. Custom products like plate chargers, table runners, napkin rings, garlands, lanterns, signs and favors are part of the Envy repertoire! I literally sew, glue, stamp, paint, decoupage and grow the design elements that are used in my table scapes and displays.I attend national trade shows regularly searching for growing trends, materials and concepts for creative designs to share with clients. Envy Event Designs has a treasure trove of antiques, serving pieces, specialty linens and accessories like jewelry, candles, umbrellas and more that are available for rent. This is a great way to stretch your budget and use timeless or multiple pieces that are not practical to purchase.

With years of experience in the catering and event planning business, I’ll guide you through the planning process, growing your ideas into a cohesive theme. Your wedding day will be a unique experience, a collaboration of the Bride’s and Groom’s vision and an experience your guests will enjoy and always remember.

Information about Envy Event Design options is available at envyeventsJWK@gmail.com or by calling 607-725-4851 to schedule an appointment.

Red & White Catering

Contact: Alisha Swietzer | 607-648-5225 | email | redandwhitecatering.com

Red & White Catering is a family owned food services company that has been serving Broome County and the Greater Binghamton area for more than 50 years!! We are a full service caterer with a creative culinary team and professional waitstaff. Although Red & White Catering offers menus and services for any occasion, our staff agrees that wedding receptions are by far the most fulfilling and rewarding. Our number one goal for every reception is to serve unforgettable food that will exceed the expectations of all in attendance. Our affiliation with The Orchard at Chenango Commons gives us the opportunity to put our talents on display in a setting as stunning as the food on your plate.